Private Golf Lessons

Improve your golf game with a private golf lesson, junior golf lessons, putting lessons or beginner golf lessons from Sacramento's only Top 100 Teacher.

Private golf lessons are appropriate for anyone that wants to tackle a particular golfing problem in a one-on-one 45-minute session with the area's best golf instructor, Keith Lyford. Whether you need a short game lesson, a full swing lesson with video, a driving lesson or a beginner golf lesson, Keith will improve your game with simple and understandable tips.

Keith's passion is teaching golf. He'll use every possible means, including innovative training techniques and the latest technology to help you reach your golfing goals.

Each golf lesson begins with an assessment of your current game. First is an interview designed to get as familiar as possible with your golf background and level of experience.  Then Keith will spend time observing ball flight, divots and your body motion before making any suggestions for improvement.

Keith wants his students to understand both their current swing and the required changes, along with the cause and effect relationship it has to ball flight. Then he will carefully communicate and demonstrate how to make the needed swing change. He will often use a drill or training aid to help transition from old swing to new move.

Most importantly, Keith doesn't believe change should mean a golfer gets worse before getting better.  You should see immediate improvement in both swing and ball flight.  And if you stay with the suggested game improvement plan, the results will be permanent.

So that your improvement continues seamlessly, notes on your lessons and videos of your swing are stored for one year.  When you return for another session, Keith can see how much progress you have made.

On-Course Play Lessons

If you're having a problem scoring as low as you think you're capable of it's probably time for an on-course play lesson. Use Keith's experience and knowledge to help you play to your true potential. He'll share tips on course strategy, recovery shots and tips from the Tour to cut out those unnecessary and costly mistakes that can quickly ruin your round.





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