Beginner Golf Lessons

Learn to play golf the right way with beginner golf lessons or beginner golf clinics from Top 100 Golf Teacher, Keith Lyford. He makes learning golf fun and easy.

Sometimes new golfers put off learning how to play because they are intimidated by everything they donít know about golf. But the good news is beginner golfers donít have any bad habits to correct. And itís a lot easier to learn a new skill then it is to unlearn bad habits.

The best advice for new golfers is to learn how to swing and play from an expert so youíll learn how to play the right way, right from the start. Donít make the mistake of taking lessons from a spouse or a friend no matter how good they might play this game or how well meaning their intentions. That will only slow down your learning and lead to bad habits that could be so easily avoided.

At LyfordGolf all we do is teach golf. And we have one of the best golf learning programs in the nation. The key is our systematic and logical approach to learning this great game. Keith has perfected a step-by-step process, building a solid golf foundation in a few simple basics. And he wonít overload and overwhelm you with too much information.

Keith will make sure you avoid the typical beginner golfer pitfalls and keep you on the correct path. Heíll build your swing step-by-step, putting the fundamentals in place in the correct order and at the appropriate time based on you as an individual. As you master one set of fundamentals we move you on to the next step in our logical progression so that each fundamental is built on the previously learned and mastered techniques.

Once youíve learned a few simple basics youíll be surprised how easy golf is and how far you can hit the ball. Keith will make sure you have the confidence to play with your spouse, friends or business associates after a couple private lessons or our 3-hour beginner golf clinic.

At LyfordGolf, we love teaching new golfers. Why not sign up for a lesson and see how easy golf really is!

Beginner Golf Clinics

This is a comprehensive introduction for new golfers who want to get started right. You will begin with the basics of grip, posture, stance, aim and pivot and then progress to your specific individual needs. Youíll be surprised how quickly you develop lasting skills when you learn under the watchful eye of one of our academy instructors. This program is designed to teach new golfers in a fun, non-intimidating environment.

These three-hour clinics offer individualized instruction in a small group setting (four-to-one student to instructor ratio). Recruit three of your friends and form your own group or join one of ours. 



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