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Golf Instruction

LyfordGolf has several golf instruction options including video golf lessons, private golf instruction, beginner golf instruction, junior golf instruction, golf school instruction programs and corporate golf events.

Our slogan, "We're Serious About Your Game", that appears on the top of every web page sums up our approach perfectly. Our only mission is for you to reach your golfing goals as quickly and easily as possible. And we'll do everything in our power to help you get there.

Everything we do revolves around creating the most complete golf learning environment possible. You won't find another golf instruction program in California with the quality and variety of lesson options we offer. We have California's premiere adult golf school, the finest junior summer camp available, 3-hour clinics, custom lessons, club fitting and golf specific fitness sessions.  

LyfordGolf has everything needed to ensure the most unique golf learning experience available. Whatever your level of play, you'll find a session that's right for you. Our performance-based curriculum will build your game, your understanding and your confidence.

So that you can reach your true potential, we will assess a total picture of your game. First, each player's game is evaluated to determine their strengths and weaknesses, then a complete improvement plan is customized to the needs of each individual, one that makes the most sense to you and your golf game.

Golf Instruction Handbook

In 2009, Keith Lyford published a golf instruction manual, Shortcut To A Better Game, so his students would have a detailed explanation of all the shots in golf. From putting to unlevel lies, golf fitness to sand play, this handbook will answer any question you might have concerning your golf game. It's designed to reinforce your lesson material and provide a path to continued improvement.

Ask Questions

Students are encouraged to call or email (Keith) with any specific questions they have about their golf game. Ask about your equipment, practice drills or whatever you need help with after a lesson. We want to keep you on the right path.

That's one reason Keith keeps notes on every lesson and stores the swing analysis videos online. Should you return for another session, we can see how much progress you have made.



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